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In 2022, ARY Digital premiered a new Pakistani serial called Woh Pagal Si. An all-star group of great actors and actresses will enthrall audiences with this drama. Search the Woh Pagal Si drama cast, including their names, images, and a brief description of the plot.

Woh Pagal Si Drama Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing

Pakistan’s best-known television actors and actresses are in the Woh Pagal Si cast. As the show’s protagonist, Zubab Rana, famed for her performances in Fitrat, Bharaas, and Bandish, will take the stage.

Omer Shahzad, who appeared in Mere Humsafar, will join Zubab Rana on the show. Hira Khan, a rising star in Pakistani acting, also appears in the drama. She had a starring role in the television series Phaans.

Also joining the cast is Saad Qureshi, who can be seen in the film Woh Pagal Si. He is a rising star in the acting world, best known for his part in the television series Benaam.

Babar Ali, Farah Nadeem, Anam Tanveer, and Ismail Tara are just a few of the well-known performers in the Woh Pagal Si ensemble. Let’s take a peek at the Woh Pagal Si drama’s cast and staff to learn more!

Woh Pagal Si Drama Cast Name

The drama cast has a huge number of well-known performers. The performers of the drama did a terrific job in representing their roles.

  • Zubab Rana
  • Omer Shahzad
  • Hira Khan as Sara
  • Saad Qureshi
  • Babar Ali
  • Anam Tanveer
  • Abdullah Javed
  • Farah Nadeem
  • Ismail Tara
  • Shazia Gohar
  • Sohail Masood

Omer Shahzad and Zubab Rana are terrific as the main couple. Hira Khan and Saad Qureshi are also impressive in their performances. 

Drama NameWoh Pagal Si
Channel NameARY Digital
Release Date27 July 2022
TimingsMonday to Thursday at 9:00 pm
DirecterFaisal Bukhari
WritterSadia Akhtar
ProducerHumayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib

Zubab Rana as Shazma

zubab rana

Omer Shahzad as Wahaj

omer shahzad

Hira Khan as Sara

hira khan

Babar Ali as Ahsan Hayat

babar ali

Anam Tanveer

anam tanveer

Saad Qureshi as Zaheen

Abdullah Javed

Farah Nadeem

Ismail Tara

Shazia Gohar

Sohail Masood

Woh Pagal Si Drama Story

Hira Khan represents Sara, the main character in Woh Pahal Si’s emotional story.

A famous businessman is her dad, Ahsan Hayat. Sara comes from a well-to-do family. Family members were pushing Ahsan to get married after his wife passed away.

Babar Ali’s Ahsan Hayat realizes that he has been infatuated with Shazma, a young employee.

Zubab Rana portrays Shazma, a poor girl who marries Ahsan for the money and the house he provides her with.

When Sara’s father marries the selfish and cruel Shazma, she does her best to stop it. If you’re looking for a highly emotional, romantic, and suspense-filled story, this is it.

Woh Pagal Si Drama Timings

ARY Digital currently broadcast the show from 9:00 p.m. on Monday to Thursday.

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