Who Is Tyler Poarch Husband Of Bella Poarch As She Files For Divorce

Bella Porch was secretly married. Never knew Bella Porch had a husband, learn more about Tyler Porch.

Turns out, the Tik Tok celebrity and the singer have been secretly married for four years.

Not only that, he recently announced that he and his spouse are divorcing.

Who Is Tyler Poarch Husband Of Bella Poarch As She Files For Divorce

Bella Porch has filed for divorce after four years of secret marriage

The “Build a Bitch” singer reportedly filed for divorce from husband Tyler Porch in Los Angeles County Court on Sunday, Nov. 6. Although Bella often shares details of her life with her 92 million+ TikTok fans, her wedding was a huge surprise to the world. In the years since she first gained notoriety on social media, Bella has never been seen in public with her wedding band on, and she has never taken her soon-to-be ex-husband as a date to an official gathering. brought

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Tyler Porch – Bella Porch’s husband. who is that?

The public was unaware of Tyler Porch’s existence or relationship with Bella prior to the divorce filing. On her social media sites, Bella does not follow anyone by that name. According to several TikTok users, photos of Bella Poarch and Tyler Poarch were previously hidden on the social media.

According to a source, given that Bella previously lived in Hawaii, it is believed that the abandoned Twitter account owned by a “Tyler Porch” in Maui may belong to Bella’s ex. Since 2014, @TylerPoarch has not posted anything on the account.

The ex-TikTik star could possibly be listed on the defunct LinkedIn for a “Tyler Porch” who worked for the US Navy in Japan as an “aircrew survival equipment guy.” According to rumors, Bella previously served in the US Navy and was stationed in Japan at one point.

Why is Bella Porch divorcing her husband?

According to available court documents, Bella divorced Tyler Porch due to “irreconcilable differences.” It has been claimed that neither of the couple is seeking spousal support from the other, and they have no children together.

What is the original name of Bella Porch?

For the sake of her professional career, Bella wants to continue using her married name, Bella Porch, as her stage name. Daenerys Porch is Bella’s full name under the law.

It is rumored that Bella was born Denny Taylor because it is believed that her mother’s maiden name was “Taylor”. It appears that Bella Porch may have previously gone by the name “Nary Taylor” on old social media profiles.