Who Is Anthony Lowden First Husband Of Sally McNeil

One of Netflix’s recent documentaries, Killer Sally, explores the Sally McNeill case in three parts, knowing about her first husband, Anthony Lowden.

Netflix has undoubtedly established itself as the unofficial hub for many aspects of non-fiction filmmaking. It has been providing entertaining and educational feature length and episodic films for the audience to enjoy. It’s been an eventful year for documentaries.

Who Is Anthony Lowden First Husband Of Sally McNeil

We find out through the movie, released on November 2, 2022, that Sally McNeil was a former bodybuilder who killed her husband Ray McNeil on February 14, 1995. Reports claim that after accusing Ray of abuse, McNeill shot and killed her.

However, it was not her first relationship with her ex-husband Ray. In light of this, let’s focus on Anthony Lowden, Sally MacNeill’s first husband, and what he claimed about their marriage.

Sally McNeill’s first husband: Anthony Lowden

Shantina, the child Sally McNeill had during her four-year marriage to Anthony Lowden, was eleven when her father, Ray McNeill, died. John, Sally’s nine-year-old son, was unaware of who his father was at the time. Ray was also living with McNeil when he was killed.

Lowden is not interviewed in the documentary, but he has reportedly previously shared his thoughts on the murder case with the San Diego Union-Tribune.

He asserted, “As sure as Ray McNeil is dead, it could have been me,” and claimed that his ex-wife had been “inseparable” since starting a bodybuilding career. had gone

According to records, McNeil was arrested in 1990 after pointing a gun at Lowden and using a metal bar to break his car windows. As Sally the Killer fans know, the marriage ended in divorce, and she later remarried.

Do you know when Sally McNeil met Ray?

At Camp Pendleton near San Diego, the two met in 1987 as Marine Corps officers. They soon developed a romantic relationship and married the same year. In keeping with this, Sally McNeil was arrested three years after she married her second husband after a falling out with Lowden.

In 1996, Sally McNeil was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to 19 years to life in prison. After being overturned, the conviction was later upheld in 2004. McNeil was released on parole in 2020, according to Newsweek.

Shantina McNeill and her brother John moved in with their grandmother when Sally was imprisoned.

Sally McNeil, is he married?

Yes, McNeil is currently married to his third spouse, Norfleet Stewart. While McNeill was on parole, the couple connected with a support group and began dating.