What is ‘I Peeled My Orange Today’ Story on Tiktok?

The ‘I peeled my orange today’ story on TikTok is a viral slideshow that has deeply moved viewers. The narrative revolves around a text conversation between two characters, Charlotte and Em, who have ended their relationship due to college studies.

The title of the story, ‘I peeled my orange today’, refers to a poignant moment in the conversation where Charlotte expresses her struggle with peeling an orange, something Em used to do for her. This seemingly simple act symbolizes the changes and challenges she faces in her life post-breakup.

The story begins with Charlotte thanking Em for helping her with her college application, which led to her enrollment at New York University. Em is also preparing to move into a dormitory when school starts. As the conversation progresses, Charlotte shares her feelings of loneliness and difficulty adjusting to life without Em. In response, Em consoles her, reminding her that the world is full of opportunities and potential new relationships.

Despite their mature handling of the situation, it becomes clear that Charlotte is still struggling to cope with the breakup. After some time, Charlotte texts Em again, but this time the text appears in green, indicating that Em has blocked her. It’s suggested that Charlotte may have finally moved on and wanted to share this news with Em, but he will never see this message.

This TikTok story has resonated with many viewers, with some even suggesting it should be turned into a movie. The depth of the story and its emotional impact have left a lasting impression on the audience.

Shiwani Singh

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