WATCH: Twitch streamer xoAeriel Licks Seattle Gum Wall

In a recent viral video, popular Twitch streamer xoAeriel has sparked a wave of reactions due to her unconventional act involving the infamous Seattle Gum Wall. The video features xoAeriel licking the gum wall, an act that many viewers have deemed unhygienic and unsettling.

xoAeriel has left her audience stunned with this latest stunt. The video has not only garnered millions of views but also inspired a trend where others are mimicking her act of licking the Seattle Gum Wall.

Twitch streamer xoAeriel Licks Seattle Gum Wall

The video initially appears to show xoAeriel licking used gum stuck to the wall, a sight that has left many viewers uncomfortable. However, there is more to the story than meets the eye. In an interview with Dexerto, xoAeriel clarified the situation, stating, “It’s my own gum.

I chewed over 100 pieces on Twitch Live to get enough gum to cover a large area. I then used gloves to place it on the wall. So, it’s still kind of disgusting and I did get sick from it, but I didn’t lick random people’s gum.”

Despite her clarification, the act of licking gum from the wall has been widely criticized as distasteful. The controversial video continues to trend across the internet, with some users applauding xoAeriel for her daring stunt, while others criticize her for performing such an unthinkable act.

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