WATCH: Quiero Agua Payaso Viral Video of a Woman Crying in Middle of Street Alone

A video titled “Quiero Agua Payaso” has been making waves on the internet, featuring a woman crying alone in the middle of the street. The video has sent shockwaves around the world due to its eerie and unsettling nature.

The video was reportedly filmed on the streets of Ahuachapán, El Salvador, by a user named soyjorge_sv, who later uploaded it online. The clip shows a tall figure walking alone at night with a black cloak over her head. The sound of animals howling and barking can be heard in the background, adding to the chilling atmosphere of the scene.

Quiero Agua Payaso Viral Video of a Woman Crying in Middle of Street Alone

The figure walks calmly through the streets, seemingly undisturbed by the surrounding noise. This peculiar sight has given viewers goosebumps, reminding many of the infamous La Llorona, an evil spirit from Mexican folklore known for crying at night and causing harm to anyone who crosses her path.

The video has gained traction on TikTok, amassing over 8 million views and thousands of comments. Some users have shared their own experiences with the supernatural, further fueling the intrigue surrounding the video. However, it’s important to note that the authenticity of the video has not yet been confirmed.


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