WATCH: Officers Storming into Ruby Franke House to Search Her Children Video Viral

A video showing law enforcement officers storming into the house of former YouTuber Ruby Franke has gone viral. The video was released as part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of child abuse against Franke.

Franke came under scrutiny following her arrest on August 30, 2023. The charges against her were related to child abuse, leading to a thorough investigation of her residence by the police. The bodycam video shows officers entering Franke’s home in search of her children.

Officers Storming into Ruby Franke House to Search Her Children Video Viral

The investigation took a dramatic turn when one of Franke’s children was found at a friend’s house, hours after escaping from the home of Franke’s business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt. The child sought help from neighbors, leading to the discovery of Franke’s other children. Hildebrandt and Franke have both been accused of six counts of felony child abuse.

The child who escaped, a 12-year-old boy, was found with duct tape around his extremities and open wounds. He had managed to escape by climbing out of a window at Hildebrandt’s house. Another child was also found at the residence, appearing malnourished. The children were taken into the care of the Utah Division of Child and Family Services.

Ruby Franke House to Search Her Children Video Viral

Following the arrests of Franke and Hildebrandt on August 30, a virtual hearing was held for both suspects on September 8. In the aftermath of these events, YouTube banned Franke from its platform and deleted her channel.

The accusations against Franke date back to 2020, when one of her sons revealed that he was not allowed to use a bedroom and was forced to sleep on a bean bag. This revelation sparked public outrage, leading to the launch of a petition calling for action against Franke. Despite these allegations, Franke’s husband, Kevin, defended her. The couple separated in 2022. Kevin Franke is currently engaged in a custody battle for his four minor children with Ruby.

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