WATCH: Bobby Darling In Feud With Co-Passenger Inside Delhi Metro

Bobby Darling has once again made headlines. This time it’s not for her acting prowess or activism but for an incident that occurred on the Delhi Metro.

A video circulating on social media since last night shows Darling involved in a heated confrontation with a male co-passenger. The video depicts Darling in black trousers, a red kurta, and a red dupatta, engaging in a physical altercation with the man. The reasons behind this dispute remain known only to Darling herself.

WATCH: Bobby Darling In Feud With Co-Passenger Inside Delhi Metro

The video’s clarity is compromised in parts, making it difficult to discern the full extent of the incident. However, it clearly shows Darling expressing her displeasure towards the co-passenger, even resorting to yelling and kicking. The situation escalated to the point where CISF personnel had to intervene.

Darling has been no stranger to controversy. Earlier this year, she made national news when she approached the Supreme Court advocating for the legalization and recognition of same-gender marriages in India. She also previously filed an FIR against her husband, Ramnik Sharma.

The recent video has elicited a range of reactions from netizens. Some expressed concern over the incident, questioning the role of the police during the altercation. Others criticized Darling’s behavior, especially in front of children, while some found the incident entertaining.

As the video continues to circulate, it remains to be seen what consequences, if any, will arise from this incident. For now, Darling’s actions on the Delhi Metro have certainly captured the nation’s attention.

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