WATCH: Viral Video of Altercation Between Josie Alesia and Gia Sparks Online Controversy

A video featuring a physical confrontation between TikTok personalities Josie Alesia and Gia has gone viral, leading to widespread discussion and debate.

Josie Alesia found herself amid an online feud. Managed by Hustle Division and having recently modeled for fashion brand Finest Few, Josie’s online presence is substantial.

Josie Alesia and Gia Fight Viral Video

Gia became embroiled in the dispute involving Tessa Ortega and her sister Josie. The video shows a physical altercation between Gia and Josie, drawing comments from viewers about the nature of the conflict and the behavior of those involved.

The origins of the fight are not entirely clear, but additional context was provided in a YouTube video where Gia, seen with El Galvancillo, discusses the incident.

She alleges an ambush by Josie, Tessa, and their mother while she was with her boyfriend, claiming that the confrontation was initiated by Josie. Gia also accuses Josie’s mother of taking her boyfriend’s phone during the incident.

Tessa Ortega responded by posting clips of the altercation on social media, asserting that she was attacked and highlighting the age difference between herself and Gia. The incident has led to mixed reactions, with some expressing concern over young individuals engaging in public disputes, while others comment on the fighting prowess displayed.

This event follows another recent drama involving Tessa Ortega and another TikTok influencer named Meche, centered around an individual named Angel.


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