Vince McMahon’s Crying Video Goes Viral On Twitter

A video featuring Vince McMahon has gone viral on social media platforms, particularly Twitter. The video has sparked a flurry of online activity and inspired a wave of memes.

The internet community is known for its knack for seizing the perfect moment to create and share memes. This time, it’s McMahon who has become the subject of their creativity. The video clip has led to the creation of numerous Vince McMahon GIFs, further amplifying his already prominent online presence.

Vince McMahon’s Crying Video Goes Viral On Twitter

Unlike previous memes featuring McMahon, which often highlighted his surprise appearances or money-related gestures, this latest viral sensation carries a more sentimental tone. It has piqued the interest of many, not just for its emotional content, but also due to curiosity about McMahon’s financial status. It is estimated that McMahon’s net worth stands at around USD 270 crore.

The source of this poignant video is the second episode of the 2020 documentary show “Undertaker: The Vince McMahon Last Ride”, starring Mark Calaway, better known as “The Undertaker”. During an interview in the episode, McMahon was asked about

The Undertaker’s to WWE and him personally. Overwhelmed with emotion, McMahon was unable to respond directly and indicated to the interviewer that he couldn’t continue. The episode also featured a wrestling match between McMahon and Andre the Giant.

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