Video of Danii Banks Goes Viral On Twitter

Danii Banks became the center of attention during an NFL game. The model was ejected from the Las Vegas Raiders game against the New York Jets after engaging in an act that violated public decency standards.

The incident was captured on video and quickly spread across platforms like Twitter, becoming a viral sensation. The video shows Banks at the Raiders game leading to immediate action by law enforcement and security personnel who escorted her out of the event before its conclusion.

Danii Banks Video Viral On Twitter

Danii Banks is no stranger to the spotlight, having built a substantial following on social media through her posts and photos. With an impressive 8 million followers on Instagram, Banks has also collaborated with brands such as NYC and Fashion Nova, expanding her influence.

This is not the first time Banks has been involved in a high-profile incident. In August 2023, she made headlines when she accused Damon Arnette, a cornerback for the Raiders, of taking a lot of cash and a luxury watch valued at $15,000 from her during a party the previous year.

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