Video of Aliza Sahar ‘Being Kidnapped’ Sparks Controversy

On October 31, 2023, a video surfaced on social media allegedly showing the kidnapping of popular YouTuber Aliza Sahar. The video was shared by a social media user named Nimra Khan, who operates under the account name ‘X’.

The video clip begins with a man, his face concealed, forcefully pushing Sahar into a room. He appears to strike her head while holding a firearm in his hand. Another individual is seen attempting to bind her hands behind her back. The video was captioned, “Aliza Sahar has been kidnapped. Please pray for a safe return home.”

Sahar had recently been embroiled in controversy following the viral spread of a video call clip. In the clip, she was seen engaging in a video call with an individual who secretly recorded the entire conversation and later shared it online after making some edits. The video showed the man asking Sahar to reveal her body, to which she complied.

Following the leak of her private video, Sahar shared her ordeal in another video. She stated that she had approached the FIA cybercrime wing to take action against the person responsible for leaking her video.

However, the alleged kidnapping video has been met with skepticism from some social media users, who have dismissed it as a publicity stunt. They argue that Sahar has been involved in such activities to increase her fan base.

As of now, no official statement has been released by Sahar or her representatives regarding the alleged kidnapping incident. The video’s authenticity and the claims made by the social media user remain unverified.

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