Untold The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist, Is It Based On A True Story

The first episode of Netflix’s Untold series, titled The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist, delves into the tale of Manti Te’o and the girlfriend who didn’t exist.

More than a decade had passed since the notion of catfishing first gained widespread attention. It would appear that individuals are still falling victim to phishing attempts on the internet.

An episode of Netflix’s Untold series just covered this same issue. Manti Te’o, a college football player, and his imaginary lover are the protagonists.

Untold The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist, Is It Based On A True Story

The story of the girlfriend who never existed is based on a genuine event, even if everyone involved in the current episode of Netflix Untold wishes it wasn’t true.

There is a trailer for a new Netflix documentary, and it looks like it will be on American football player Manti Te’o, who was born in Hawaii.

Te’o played the upcoming football season in honor of the two people who had recently passed away. Who he knew would be devastated by the terrible news because they meant so much to him.

When Te’o learns that Lennay Kekua was never really his girlfriend, the plot takes an unexpected turn. In other words, he’d been a fish out of water.

Te’o reveals to the cameras that it was his uncle who initially told him that his fiancée was not who she claimed to be. And from then, the young footballer’s career went downward.

The Real Identity of Lennay Kekua, the Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist

Additionally, Kekua’s actual identity, hidden behind a mask, is exposed in the teaser. Catfishing evidence points to Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, better known by his nickname, Naya.

Naya reveals her rationale behind establishing her Kekua profile. She says she was too scared to be herself with Te’o.

A voicemail from someone Te’o thought was Kekua tells Te’o that she “loves him so much” is also shown in the video.

The teaser offers a glimpse into the media frenzy that surrounded the girlfriend who didn’t exist. As Naya admits that she was surprised by the story’s meteoric rise to fame, this alludes to the possibility that Te’o was not entirely forthright either (though that part remains to be seen).

Your wait is over if you’re dying to know how Te’o and Kekua’s love tale ended.

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