Top 10 Ullu Web Series Actress, December 2023

Ullu has been rapidly gaining popularity for its bold and erotic web series. The platform has produced several well-received series such as Charmsukh, Palangtod, and Hotspot, which have garnered attention both domestically and internationally.

A significant factor contributing to Ullu’s success is the talented actresses who bring these series to life. Although not as renowned as Bollywood celebrities, these actresses have carved a niche for themselves in the web series industry with their captivating performances and alluring charm.

Here, we present the top 10 Ullu web series actresses most admired by Indian audiences.

Rajsi Verma

Known for her roles in Ullu web series like “Saas Bahu & NRI,” “Tauba Tauba,” and “Palang tod damaad Ji,” Rajsi Verma is a celebrated actress and model. Her performances on the Ullu app have made her one of the platform’s top actresses.


Nikhita Chopra

Nikhita Chopra rose to fame with her charming and seductive performance in the Ullu web series “Khul Ja Sim Sim.” Despite only appearing in one Ullu series, she has amassed a considerable fan following.


Donna Munshi

Donna Munshi, known for her captivating screen presence, debuted with the Ullu web series Khoon Bhari Maang. She gained recognition after starring in the Jabran Ullu web series, which marked her first lead role.


Sneha Paul

Sneha Paul is a recurring lead in the Charmsukh Chawl House series, having appeared in all three seasons. She also played a notable role in the “Laal Lihaaf” Ullu web series.


Mahi Kaur

Mahi Kaur became a household name after her appearance in the Ullu web series “Palangtod Gaon Ki Garmi.” She has worked in numerous Ullu web series and other OTT platforms like Kooku and Voovi.


Ankita Dave

Social media sensation Ankita Dave began her web series career with Ullu’s “Singaardaan.” She has since worked with many OTT apps and recently starred in the Ullu web series “Charmsukh Chawl House 3.”


Priya Gamre

Priya Gamre, one of Ullu’s fastest-growing stars, is best known for her role in the Ullu web series “Maa Devrani Beti Jethani.” She has since appeared in numerous Ullu web series, including her latest, “Shahad.”


Jinnie Jazz

Jinnie Jazz gained popularity through the Ullu web series “Jaane Anjane Mein.” She has also worked in the “Aate Ki Chakki“ web series and other OTT platforms like Voovi and Digimovieplex.


Bharti Jha

Bharti Jha, a rising star in the web series industry, started her career with the Ullu web series Doraha. Her back-to-back hit web series has made her a sought-after actress across various OTT platforms.


Ridhima Tiwari

Known for her role in the web series “Rajni Kaand,” Ridhima Tiwari has become a star in the web series industry. She has worked extensively with the Ullu App, with her latest series being Walkman.


These actresses have significantly contributed to the success of the Ullu app with their talent, charm, and captivating performances. They continue to redefine the web series industry, bringing fresh and exciting content to audiences worldwide.

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