Tommyinnit New Merch 2022 Items List, Prices, And Where To Buy

TommyInnit, a streamer, has switched to a model to sell his new stuff, know the prices

The YouTube streamer has launched its latest commercial online and it is now available for sale.

Tommyinnit New Merch 2022 Items List, Prices, And Where To Buy

Tommyinnit’s New Trade: Find out prices and where to buy

Some of the YouTuber’s beloved collection has already been snapped up by fans, who are raving about it on Twitter.

There are several alternatives available for each of you to choose from. So, allow us to walk you through TommInnit’s merchandise store as we review the value of each item offered for sale.

Tommyinnit announces new merchandise

On Friday, November 4th, 2022, TommyInnit posted on Twitter about his new merchandise. They are available in his online store.

He wrote: “NEW DEAL OUT NOW!!” Along with photos of himself wearing a t-shirt from his latest line and another in a hoodie. Share it with your friends; I put a lot of effort into it.

As soon as the new collection was released, fans flocked to the website to buy it and left comments with their opinions under its article. Most of TommyInnit’s followers seem to be impressed with his new collection based on the tweets.

What is the price?

While some viewers think the streamer’s product is expensive, others think it’s incredibly cool.

The full list of merchandise offered by TommyInnit, along with the price of each item, is provided below:

  • Look Good Embroidered Hoodie – $55
  • TommyInnit Sunset Body Warmer – $60
  • TommyInnit Signature Black Hoodie – $55
  • TommyInnit Sunset Colorblock Hoodie – $65
  • TommyInnit Sweatshirt – Red Edition – $65
  • TommyInnit Shorts – Red Edition – $45
  • TommyInnit Stylistic T-Shirt – $30
  • TommyInnit Exclusive Body Bag – $30
  • TommyInnit Exclusive Patch – $16

Fan reaction to the new collection

Many of TommyInnit’s supporters want to buy his new gear but are sure they can’t afford it. One supporter claimed they tried to buy anything from his store last night but were “killed” by the prices.

Another fan who bought merchandise claimed to have paid $180 for the item, including tax and delivery. “Want some new TommyInnit merch but I’m broke lmao gotta love it,” one tweet said. One supporter claimed they were “too poor” to buy his stuff.