TikTok Star Ayesha Akram Video Viral on Social Media

Ayesha Akram has found herself at the center of a controversy due to a video that has been widely shared online. The video has sparked many reactions from social media users.

Akram was previously targeted by an unruly crowd at Minar-e-Pakistan in 2021. This recent incident marks another challenging episode in her public life. The video in question appears to show Akram engaged in a conversation over a phone call. It is believed that the individual on the other end of the call recorded the interaction and subsequently shared it online.

TikTok Star Ayesha Akram Leaked Video Viral Online

The circulation of this video has ignited a debate on social media about privacy rights. Many users are urging others not to share the video out of respect for Akram’s privacy. However, it should be noted that the authenticity of the video has not yet been confirmed.

In the past, Akram faced accusations of extortion related to a harassment case, but she firmly denied all allegations. She first rose to prominence two years ago when she was filming a video with her friends at Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day and was harassed by a large group of men.

This recent incident underscores the ongoing challenges faced by digital creators, particularly women, in maintaining their privacy and safety in the face of widespread online scrutiny. As the situation unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder of the need for respectful and responsible behavior in the digital space.


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