TikTok influencer Lunden Stalling’s Racist Tweets Go Viral on Twitter

Lunden Rose Stallings is currently embroiled in controversy. The influencer has come under fire for a series of racist tweets that have recently gone viral on Twitter and Reddit. This backlash comes amidst Stallings’ wedding celebrations with her partner, Olivia.

Stallings has yet to publicly address the issue. The controversy has overshadowed the couple’s recent wedding, which was covered in an exclusive interview by People magazine. In the interview, Stallings emphasized the importance of their marriage in normalizing lesbian relationships, particularly those involving “feminine women”, in the South.

TikTok influencer Lunden Stalling’s Racist Tweets Go Viral on Twitter

The tweets in question date back to August 1, 2012, and contain racial slurs and derogatory comments. One tweet targeted China, while others used racial slurs to insult NBA player Chris Bosh and an unidentified individual. Stallings also posted several tweets containing racial slurs that were directed at her followers.

The online community has reacted strongly to these revelations, with many expressing shock and disappointment. Some users have criticized Stallings for not deleting the offensive tweets despite having ample time to do so. Others have expressed hope that this controversy will lead to Stallings being “cancelled”.

The debate has also extended to the diversity of Stallings and Bennett’s fanbase. Some users have questioned whether their audience is as diverse as they claim, with one user noting that most people who “stitch” their videos on TikTok – a process of combining or placing one video next to another – are Caucasian.

This controversy has cast a shadow over what should have been a joyous time for Stallings and her partner. As the backlash continues to grow, it remains to be seen how this will impact Stallings’ career as a social media influencer.

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