The Real Deal Has Come! Episode 33: A Glimpse into Upcoming Drama and How to Watch It

The popular K-drama series “The Real Deal Has Come!” is set to release its 33rd episode on 15th July 2023. The show has captivated audiences with its intriguing plotline revolving around Yeon Do, a passionate Korean Literature teacher, and Tae Kyung, a gynecologist. The duo enters into a deal involving a baby, leading them to pose as a married couple in front of their families.

In the upcoming episode, viewers can expect heightened drama as Se Jin attempts to expose the truth about Yeon Do’s baby. However, her plans are thwarted by Jun Ho, who senses something amiss and intercepts her. In an unexpected turn of events, Yeon Do herself kneels before Tae Kyung’s mother, piquing her curiosity.

The series, which premiered on 25th March 2023, has aired 32 episodes so far and is expected to have a total of 50 episodes. The previous episode saw Yeon Do and Tae Kyung grappling with the revelation of their secret to Tae Kyung’s father. Meanwhile, Jun Ho struggles with guilt over abandoning Yeon Do and their child.

“The Real Deal Has Come!” boasts a talented cast including Baek Jin-Hee as Oh Yeon-Doo, Ahn Jae-Hyeon as Gong Tae-Kyung, Cha Joo Young as Jang Se-Jin, Jung Eui-Jae as Kim Joon-Ha, among others.

Episode 33 will air at 8:05 pm KST on 15th July 2023. For global viewers, the episode will be available at different times according to their respective time zones. For instance, it will air at 4:05 am PST in Canada, 6:05 am CST in the US, 7:05 am EST in Mexico, 11:05 am GMT in the UK, 4:35 pm IST in India, 6:05 pm Thailand Time, 7:05 pm China Standard Time, 8:05 pm Japan Standard Time, and 8:35 pm Australian Central Daylight Time.

Viewers can watch the episode through various platforms including KBS Channel, Netflix Korea, and Wavve. International fans can enjoy the show on Viki, Kocowa, and Viu. Previous episodes are also accessible on the KBS World Tv YouTube channel.

As the drama unfolds, fans eagerly await the release of the 33rd episode of “The Real Deal Has Come!”.

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