The Kerala Story Awaits OTT Release: Adah Sharma Addresses Delay Rumors

Adah Sharma, the lead actress of the 2023 blockbuster “The Kerala Story,” has recently addressed the rumors surrounding the delay in the film’s Over-the-Top (OTT) release. The movie, directed by Sudipto Sen, has been one of the highest-grossing films of the year, raking in nearly Rs 230 crore at the box office.

Despite its successful two-month theatrical run, the film’s digital premiere has been delayed, sparking speculation among fans and media outlets. Reports suggested that the producers were struggling to secure a reliable streaming partner, leading to the postponement of the OTT release.

However, Sharma has refuted these claims, stating that the delay was not intentional and was not due to a lack of OTT partners. She explained that a film can only be released on a digital platform once it has completed its theatrical run. In the case of “The Kerala Story,” the film continued to enjoy sold-out performances in theaters even two months after its release.

Sharma also revealed that she had contacted the producer, Vipul Shah, upon reading the media reports about the alleged difficulties in securing an OTT partner. She was assured that the film would soon be available on streaming services, although no specific date or platform has been announced yet.

In response to the rumors of the crew having trouble finding an OTT partner, Sharma stated that an announcement regarding the online premiere of the movie could be expected “in a few days.” However, she refrained from sharing further details, stating that the producers would make the announcement when everything is ready.

“The Kerala Story” has been surrounded by controversy due to its plot, which revolves around four college students who are forced to join ISIS and convert to Islam. Despite this, the film has received positive reviews and continues to generate interest among audiences eagerly awaiting its digital release.

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