The Dragon Prince Season 4 Ending Explained, Story Spoilers

After a three-year long hiatus, The Dragon Prince is finally back with nine more amazing adventures for Callum and his friends, see Season 4 Finale Explained

Some Dragon Prince fans might want an explanation for the “Mysteries of Araos” Season 4 ending after Episode 9’s dramatic ending.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Ending Explained, Story Spoilers

It’s hardly surprising, though, that viewers around the world are eager to watch the full fourth season. It was made available on Netflix on Thursday, November 3. With such an active and dedicated global community.

Dragon Prince season four episode 9 spoilers are contained in this article.

Dragon Prince Season 4 Finale Explained

Kareem is finally defeated and taken into custody in Dragon Prince Season 4 Episode 9, “Escape from Amber Tour”. He was taken over by Gennai by the time the season finale reached the halfway point.

The main rescue team stabs Rex in the foot to wake up Ignius. Claudia, Vern, and Terry use a map written on the tooth of Rex Ignius to locate the secret prison of Aravos.

In an attempt to get Claudia to hand over the cursed money, Rayla takes Terry hostage. But this strategy backfires when Claudia tricks Rayla with a bag of phony pebbles.

Terry is clearly offended by this behavior, and it only takes a casual comment that Claudia is cruel for him to flip the original coin.

The rescue team scrambles to escape the crumbling prison in time to see the terrifying dragon burst through the massive stone door. As Rex Ignius prepares to kill everyone in the group, all hope seems lost. It’s Zobia until thunder fills the battlefield.

The two dragons exchange ear-splitting roars before Zobia confronts Rex Ignius. Rex Igneous ultimately decides that a fight with the Storm Dragon is not worth the reward and throws Rayla’s sword back.

The gang then reassures Dragon that their actions were appropriate. Despite Zim’s reprimand for disobeying Zobia’s orders, she shows up to save the day. As Callum tries to take Rayla’s sword and begins to cry, he hears a shaky plea for help from beneath the rubble. The group hugs each other before Zim jumps in and knocks them all over the place.

The fourth season of Dragon Prince ends with Terry, Claudia and Vern returning home through a portal. Varian turns around to reveal that he has once again been affected by the evil spell. Claudia says that now that they have the map, they can find Aravos and save him.

Fans react to dramatic ending of TDP season 4

Since season 4 of Dragon Price only consists of nine episodes, it didn’t take long for dedicated viewers to watch the whole new adventure. Ironically, the fan’s to-do list is left with a dragon-shaped hole. That’s one of the problems with watching an entire season at once.

While the overwhelming majority of fan reaction on social media has been incredibly favorable, there have been a significant number of posts regarding how people were not satisfied with the outcome.

Aravos, after whom the entire season is named, is not even mentioned in the discussion of the season 4 finale, having escaped the influence of Varian’s dark magic.