The Devil’s Plan Netflix Korean Show 2023: Release Date, Where To Watch Online

Netflix is set to venture further into the realm of Korean-based reality survival series with its upcoming show, “The Devil’s Plan.” The show has already generated a buzz among viewers eagerly awaiting its release, expected towards the end of 2023. However, an official confirmation from Netflix and the show’s creators is still pending.

The Devil’s Plan Netflix Korean Show 2023: Release Date, Where To Watch Online

“The Devil’s Plan” will feature twelve contestants from diverse backgrounds, each bringing unique skills and experiences to the competition. Among the participants are K-drama actor Ha Seok-jin, K-pop idol Seungkwan from the band SEVENTEEN, American-based lawyer So Dong-joo, and several others.

So Dong-Joo is not only a lawyer but also an MBA graduate from MIT’s Department of Mathematics and Law School. Other contestants include comedian and actress Park Kyung-Lim, Canadian gamer and professional poker player Guillaume Patry, former policy advisor Kwedo, travel YouTuber Kwak Joon Bin, American orthopedic surgeon Seo Yoo Min, college student and professional poker player Kim Dong Jae, professional Go player Cho Yeon-woon, freelance announcer Lee Hye-sung, K-drama actress and inventor Lee Si-won, and K-pop idol Seungkwan from SEVENTEEN.

The show directed and produced by Jung Jong-yeon will test the mental fortitude of these twelve individuals through a series of mind games spread over seven days. The aim is to identify the most intelligent or clever contestant, who will walk away with a grand prize of 500,000,000 Korean won.

The concept of “The Devil’s Plan” is similar to the globally successful Korean drama “Squid Game,” which has contributed to the show’s anticipation. The announcement of the contestants by Netflix on July 26, 2023, has only added to this excitement.

As we wait for the official release date, viewers can look forward to a thrilling competition featuring a promising cast and high stakes, all under the expert guidance of Jung Jong-Yeon.


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