The Deer King Trailer: Movie Comes to Theaters This July

GKIDS has announced that The Deer King, an anime film, will be released in select cinemas in the United States.

GKIDS and Fathom Events have teamed together to host unique fan preview events on the 13th (with English subtitles) and the 14th of this month (English dubbed). In addition to the film, Director Masashi Ando will provide a special introduction at these events. It’s no secret that Masashi Ando has worked on some of the most iconic anime films. His directing debut is in this film.

The Deer King Release Date

There will be a limited run of The Deer King in theaters on Friday, July 15, once the previews have concluded. Fathom Events and the official Deer King websites both have tickets for sale. A brief trailer was also produced to promote the film’s appearance in theaters, which you can see below.

After a long and bloody battle against the mighty Empire of Darkness, former soldier Van is forced to work in a mine owned and operated. “One day, a group of wild canines carrying a fatal and incurable disease attack, leaving just Van and a small girl called Yuna as survivors. ” In search of a simpler life in rural areas now that they’re free, they’re being hunted by forces hostile to their well-being. Van is determined to unearth the exact origin of the epidemic sweeping the country and its possible cure,” he writes in his journal.

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The Deer King Official Trailer

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