Street Man Fighter Mnet Show Episode 1 Release Date, Timing, Contestants Lineup, Watch Online

When will the first episode of Street Man Fighter, the most talked-about dancing reality show of the year, premiere?

A preview of the pilot episode will air on Mnet before the show’s formal premiere. Before the presentation starts, the candidates will meet each other and talk about their platforms here.

Street Man Fighter Mnet Show Episode 1 Release Date, Timing, Contestants Lineup, Watch Online

Kang Daniel will be hosting a show called Street Man Fighter, which will feature eight all-male groups. One Million, We Dem Boyz (WDBZ), Eo-Ddae, Bank Two Brothers (BIIB), Prime Kingz (Prime K), YGX (Young Gunz), and Just Jerk (JJ) are some of these groups.

There will also be guest appearances by the victors of the spinoff series Street Man Fighter Be Mbitious. Read up on all you need to know about our shows here.

Street Man Fighter Release Date and Time

On August 23 at 10:20 KST (9:20 AM ET), you can watch the premiere of Street Man Fighter. On August 16th, before the premiere, a pre-release version will be made available.

Lineup Of Street Man Fighters

Eight strong dance crews go head-to-head in this Street Man Fighter matchup. They’re determined to prove once and for all who is the street dance and style “monarch.” Take a peek at the gang below.

1MILLION consists of Yumeki, Mihawk Back, Choi Young Jun, Root, Alexx, Nino, and Yechan.
Youngbin, Dophan, Ingy, Kamel, Vata, Haesung, Insun, and Kyungnam make up the eight-man group known as We Dem Boyz (WDBZ).

E.Jo, Ted, Black, Q, Kinky, Duck, and Quanz are the six members of Eo-Ddae.

Bank Two Brothers consists of Feeldog, JRoc, Deegun, Gof, BusyBe, and Gi Seok (BIIB).

Knucks, 2face, Kyoyung Jr., Trix, Door, and Counter are the six members of Prime Kingz.

The seven members of YGX are Kwon Youngdeuk, Kwon Youngdon, Junsun, Dow, Junho, and Mood Dok.

There are seven people in Just Jerk: Howl, Hulk, J Ho, Minseo, Yejun, Young-J, and S.One.

Kim Pyong Ya, Roh Tae Hyun, Tarzan, Hoya, Jinwoo, Kim Jung Woo, and Woo Tae are the eight members of Be Mbitious.

Where Can We View The Show?

On August 23rd, Mnet will start airing Street Man Fighter. Even before that, a sneak peek video will be available on the YouTube channels of both SMF and The Choom.

The Choom’s YouTube account is the only place to find show-related updates. In addition, you should check the promos for the show. Look out for it and appreciate the new trends and releases hitting the market.

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