Spain Split Face Diving Accident 2009 Original Survivor Real Video And Photos Viral On Social Media

The original video and survivor pictures from the tragic Split Face Diving accident that occurred in Spain in 2009 have resurfaced, causing a stir on social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter. The full-length, real-time video and images of the survivor have gone viral, leaving internet users in a state of shock.

The incident took place over a decade ago and involved a 16-year-old resident of Beirut who attempted to dive from the Manara Promenade, located directly across from the American University. Tragically, the young boy never reached the water due to a fatal collision with concrete.

Spain Split Face Diving Accident 2009 Original Survivor Real Video And Photos Viral On Social Media

The video has been circulating online shows the boy’s sibling successfully diving into the sea from the 40-foot-tall Promenade building. According to the Reddit post, the brothers had made several successful jumps prior to the accident. However, on this fateful day, the younger brother slipped, leading to a catastrophic event.

Following the accident, the video shows the young victim in an emergency room at an American university hospital. Doctors attempted to hold the boy’s face together to maintain his airway, as per the details shared on the Reddit thread. Despite their efforts, the boy succumbed to his injuries two days later.

As the video gained traction online viewers began questioning its authenticity. Some speculated that the severe facial injuries were the result of a failed 9mm suicide attempt, as suggested by certain medical records. However, the Reddit user who shared the story refuted these claims, stating that such injuries could not logically result from a 9mm mishap.

Regardless of the theories surrounding the cause of death, the Reddit user emphasized that the diving accident resulted in the young boy suffering a severe brain injury. The reason behind the sudden resurgence of the video remains unclear, but it continues to generate discussion and shock among social media users.

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