South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert 2022 Air Date, Streaming, Watch Online

Find out when and where you can watch the South Park 25th Anniversary Concert in 2022, 25 years after the premiere of the animated comedy series Trey Parker and Matt Stone developed on TV in 1997.

The show’s creators put on a special performance to pay tribute to the fans’ favorite characters and the music that inspired the humor.

South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert 2022 Air Date, Streaming, Watch Online

If you want to watch the performance live after seeing the episode that has already won over a large number of viewers, here are the instructions.

25th Anniversary Concert At South Park

“South Park” The official South Park website states that in July 2022, Comedy Central will telecast a special concert to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary since its initial airing in August 1997. Audience members could see Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Primus, and Ween perform live at Colorado’s Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater.

South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert Streaming In The US and UK

The 25th-anniversary concert premiered on Comedy Central on August 13. Beginning on Sunday, August 14th, US citizens may watch the episode during a free seven-day trial of Paramount+.

South Park and the streaming service are offering new subscribers a free month of subscription if they join up with the promo code SOUTHPARK. Fans in the UK may tune in to the anniversary concert on Comedy Central on Friday, August 26. On Saturday, August 27, the episode will be available

to view on Paramount+ UK.

The monthly cost of a Paramount Plus subscription in the United States is $4.99, whereas in the United Kingdom it is £6.99. The newest updates may be found on South Park’s official Twitter feed.

Big Win For Concert With Fans

Many committed South Park viewers were really impressed with the show and tweeted their praise. One Twitter user who caught the 25th-anniversary special said, “South Park has some pretty excellent melodies.”

“Why is the South Park 25th Anniversary Concert making me cry?” read another comment. From inviting Rush on stage to Trey Parker ending each song with a simple “thank you,” it’s clear that the band has a lot to be grateful for. Absolutely stunning.

To celebrate South Park’s 25th anniversary, one fan concluded their day by attending a performance. I’m so relieved it was recorded and will be on Paramount Plus!

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