South African Woman Nthabiseng Nhlapo Kicking Child Of Baby Daddy Video Goes Viral On Twitter

A video has emerged on social media platforms featuring a woman, identified as Nthabiseng Nhlapo, allegedly assaulting a toddler. The video has been extensively circulated on Twitter and Reddit, capturing the distressing scene of a child lying on the floor, receiving multiple kicks until he breaks down in tears.

The motive behind this shocking act is speculated to be an attempt by the woman to retaliate against the child’s father. This incident has led to a surge of reactions on Twitter, with many condemning Nhlapo’s actions and emphasizing the importance of child protection.

South African Woman Nthabiseng Nhlapo Kicking Child Of Baby Daddy Video Goes Viral On Twitter

Although Nhlapo’s face remains concealed from the camera, sources close to the situation have identified her as the perpetrator. Due to the graphic nature of the content, many have chosen not to share the video. However, it is available for those who wish to view it.

The incident has understandably ignited a wave of anger and calls for justice on social media. Many are demanding Nhlapo’s immediate arrest on charges of child abuse. Some believe that even law enforcement intervention might be too mild a response. Prominent rapper Gigi Lamayne has stepped forward, offering to cover the legal expenses for any attorney ready to prosecute Nhlapo.

Twitter users have expressed their concerns and opinions about the incident. One user commented, “This Nthabiseng story is the reason I encourage women to have children when they want them and when they’re ready, not because you’re in love, married, or some boy said so. Children are forever, and relationships are temporary.”

Another user expressed her concerns, stating, “Imagine what she has been doing to the poor baby off camera.” Yet another added, “To every woman out there, hating & abusing YOUR child whom YOU bonded with for 9 months just because your baby daddy is no longer with you is insane. Nthabiseng Nhlapo must go to jail.”

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