Skibidi Toilet YouTube Series Takes the Internet by Storm

The Skibidi Toilet YouTube series has taken the internet by storm. The series, which features humans with television heads battling terrifying toilet men, has seen all its episodes from 1 to 50 go viral.

Created by Alexey, who runs the YouTube channel DaFuq!? Boom!, the series has been available since February. It is characterized by an overstimulated animation style, reminiscent of some of the stranger kids’ content on YouTube. However, Skibidi Toilet has evolved into a character with its own lore and is not deemed suitable for children.

The series’ plot revolves around scary toilets with a man’s head popping out and an elongated neck, spreading and taking over. In response, individuals with cameras, TVs, and speakers for heads are defending themselves. The series, created with Source Filmmaker, also incorporates elements related to the Half-Life video game.

Each episode of Skibidi Toilet lasts between 30 and 60 seconds. As of July 17, 49 videos had been made available, with the follow-up episode garnering over 93 million views. At least 13 videos have been watched by more than 100 million people. The initial video, released in February 2023, has received 73 million views.

The series has gained such popularity that users have started creating their own renditions of Skibidi Toilet on TikTok. This trend is unrelated to the 2018 Skibidi dance competition. Cosplay for the Skibidi Toilet has also begun, further demonstrating the series’ cultural impact.

The series is named after the song “Dom Dom Yes Yes” by Turkish musician Biser King, often referred to as the Skibidi Toilet song. The song became extremely popular after TikTok user Yasin Cengiz shared a video of himself dancing to it in April. The single video has been viewed by over 415 million people.

The latest episode, Skibidi Toilets 50, was released on July 19, 2023. It marked the end of the 16th season and is 1 minute and 28 seconds long, slightly longer than the previous episode. With the series continuing to gain traction, fans eagerly await what’s next for Skibidi Toilet.

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