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This Eid brings you a plethora of festive stuff to enjoy, and the new telefilm Siwaiyaan wants to enhance your meethi Eid even further. Siwaiyaan, featuring Sonya Hussain and Yasir Hussain, is a social comedy with just enough mysterious aspects to keep viewers interested till the conclusion.

Siwaiyaan is a Pakistan telefilm that premiered on Ary Digital on Eid ul Fitr. The characters and story of the Siwaiyaan Ary telefilm are fantastic and full of humor. Big Bang Production is behind this Eid telefilm. So let’s take a look at the real names and images of the Siwaiyaan Pakistani 2022 telefilm performers.

Siwaiyaan Telefilm Cast Names

  • Yasir Hussain
  • Sonya Hussain
  • Sabahat Adil
  • Saife Hassan
  • Sikandar Khan
  • Nayyar Ejaz
  • Amber Wajid
  • Zeba Shehnaz
  • Written by: Bilal Atif Khan
  • Directed by: Bilal Atif Khan
  • Released on: Eid ul Fitr 2022

Siwaiyaan Telefilm Story

The story of the Siwaiyaan Telefilm focuses overall perspective of a young couple whose relatives arrived at their house on Eid expecting good news but instead found themselves in unexpected situations, the reversal of their expectations. The story is packed with mystery, action, comedy, and enjoyment. The performance of Sonya Hussain and Yasir Hussain in this telefilm is superb.

Siwaiyaan Telefilm Teaser

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