Shark Bait (2022) Clip – In the Water Shows That Terror Runs Deep

The shark thriller Shark Bait will be released later this week, on May 13th, 2022, and ComingSoon is proud to premiere an exclusive clip from the film. Vertical Entertainment’s picture cast is Holly Earl, Thomas Flynn, Jack Trueman, Malachi Pullar-Latchman, and Catherine H annay. Nick Saltrese wrote the script, which was directed by James Nunn.

Shark Bait (2022) Clip – In the Water

On the sandy beaches of Mexico, many spring breakers have an unforgettable vacation. After a wild night of revelry, they snatch a pair of jet skis and go to the water as the morning rises. The summary reads, “However, bravado and wrong judgments lead to a horrific disaster.”

While stranded at sea, the gang discovers they have entered shark-infested seas. It’s imperative that the gang find a method to survive the predator waiting in the waters below” with no route back and a gravely injured comrade.

Here’s a look at a clip from the movie Shark Bait:

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