SBS Universe Ticket 2023 audition results, contestants list, and voting details

The highly anticipated Korean survival program, SBS Universe Ticket, has officially announced the first 41 contestants. This program is a unique initiative by SBS to launch its inaugural K-pop girl group audition. The aim is to form a female band that will be active in both the real world and the metaverse. The show, titled โ€œUniverse Ticket: The Miracle of 82,โ€ draws inspiration from Koreaโ€™s dialing code, 82.

In this competition, 82 female trainees will undertake 82 special assignments to secure their place in the eight-member K-pop idol group set to debut. The first batch of 41 competitors has been revealed as part of the initial SBS Universe Ticket lineup release. These contestants will strive to make their debut as part of the final line-up. The entire process is being managed by F&F Entertainment.

Among these 41 faces, K-pop fans may recognize some familiar names who have previously debuted under different categories. Notable contestants include former DIA member Kwon Chaewon, also known as Eunchae and trot performer Lim Seowon. The list of contestants also includes participants from various countries such as Canada, Japan, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, France, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Malaysia, and South Korea.

Fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite trainees from July 19 to August 9. The second list of trainers for the SBS Universe will be released on July 17. While the exact premiere date for SBS Universe Ticket is yet to be confirmed, sources suggest that it will likely air in November 2023.

The SBS Universe Ticket program represents a significant step in the evolution of K-pop, blending traditional music competition with the emerging metaverse concept. As the contestants prepare for their journey, fans worldwide eagerly await the chance to support their favorites and witness the birth of the next big K-pop girl group.

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