Rivaaj Primeshots Web Series 2023, Actress Name, Cast, Story

“Rivaaj Primeshots 2023” is an eagerly anticipated web series set to premiere on the Primeshots app. The series, which is scheduled for release on October 18, 2023, stars Jinnie Jaaz and Aliya Naaz in the lead roles.

Rivaaj Primeshots Web Series Story

The storyline of “Rivaaj” revolves around a family where the younger brother, Raj, is getting married. In a shocking twist, he sends his elder brother to spend the night with his wife.

The following day, Raj’s wife reveals the events of the previous night, explaining that this is a ritual in their house.

According to the tradition, if a newlywed husband spends the night with his wife, he will die the next morning. To save Raj, they adhere to this unusual custom.

Rivaaj Primeshots 2023 Cast

Jinnie Jaaz plays the role of the sister-in-law, while Aliya Naaz portrays Raj’s wife. Both actresses are known for their captivating performances in the web series industry. The cast also includes Lakshay Handa in a role.

Rivaaj Primeshots 2023 Wiki

GenreDrama, Romance
OTT PlatformPrimeshots App
Release date18 October 2023
Budget10-20 Lakh rupees Approx.
Total episodes2
Episode Runtime25 Minutes

Rivaaj Web Series 2023 Watch Online

The web series falls under the genres of drama, romance, and fantasy. It will be available in Hindi on the Primeshots app. The first season comprises two episodes, each running for approximately 25 minutes. The budget for the series is estimated to be between 10-20 lakh rupees.

Rivaaj Web Series 2023 Release Date

Fans of the actors and the genre are eagerly awaiting the release of “Rivaaj”. The unique storyline and the talented cast promise an engaging and thrilling viewing experience. Mark your calendars for October 18, 2023, to catch the premiere of “Rivaaj Primeshots 2023” on the Primeshots app.


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