Resurrection Teaser Trailer and Released Date

Resurrection is a film written and directed by Andrew Seman, based on an original script included on the 2019 Black List. The film has been referred to be a jaw-dropping piece of work. Grace Kaufman, Rebecca Hall (Passing), and Tim Roth (Rob Roy) are the actors that appear in it (The Sky is Everywhere).

Resurrection Released Date

IFC Films has released a teaser trailer for their next psychological thriller film named Resurrection. Tim Roth and Rebecca Hall will be starring in the movie. In January of this year, it was shown for the first time anywhere globally at the Sundance Film Festival. On August 5, the movie will be released in cinemas and on digital platforms, and its premiere on Shudder will take place in November.

Resurrection Teaser Trailer

According to the synopsis, “Margaret leads a successful and ordered life, flawlessly combining the demands of her demanding profession and single motherhood to her fiercely independent daughter Abbie.” This is what happens in the movie. “In the film, Margaret leads a prosperous and orderly life.” Everything is just how it should be.

But this carefully maintained equilibrium is thrown up when an unwanted shadow from her past, David, comes, bringing with him the atrocities that Margaret has endured in the past. Margaret must face the monster that she has dodged for the past two decades to complete their unfinished business, and she must do so despite the growing terror that she is experiencing.

Lars Knudsen of Square Peg, Alex Scharfman and Drew Houpt of Secret Engine, and Tory Lenosky of Rosetory are responsible for the production of Resurrection.

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