Renee Gracie’s Motorsport Return Amid OF Viral Video

Renee Gracie has recently announced her return to motorsport. After a six-year hiatus from racing clinching the Trophy Series title in her Audi R8 LMS during the GT World Challenge Australia series. This triumph has now paved the way for Gracie’s progression within the motorsport arena.

Gracie confirmed her participation in the upcoming second division of the championship at the Adelaide 500, an event scheduled to take place in a fortnight. This represents a step forward for her career.

Renee Gracie Viral Video

Gracie will be competing in a state-of-the-art Audi R8, leveling the playing field as all drivers will be navigating identical machinery. This presents an unparalleled opportunity for Gracie to measure her skills against her pro-am counterparts.

The journey back to motorsport was a thoughtful and strategic one for Gracie, who stepped away from racing in 2016 and officially retired a year later due to financial constraints. In 2020, Gracie disclosed earnings exceeding $500,000 in a single month from the site. These funds were instrumental in her ability to sponsor her racing team and facilitate her return to the sport she once left behind.

Renee Gracie’s Motorsport Return Amid OF Viral Video

Gracie’s venture back into racing was not without its challenges. As she recounted to the GT World Challenge Australia website, the initial stages of her comeback saw her navigating the complexities of garnering support within the industry.

Her approach was methodical, engaging in discussions and exploring feasible opportunities. While some prospects were not aligned with her vision, Gracie remained selective, eventually assembling a program that met her criteria.

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