Reality Quest Chapter 93: Release Date, Time, Manga Spoilers, and Where to Read Online

The much-anticipated Chapter 93 of the popular series Reality Quest is set to be released soon. Fans can look forward to reading the next chapter on the official websites of Comic Walker and Webtoon. The creators have announced that the release date for this new installment is scheduled for Friday, July 14, 2023.

In different time zones, the release times will vary. For those in Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Newfoundland Time (NT), the chapter will be available at 2:00 AM. Korean Standard Time (KST) and Japan Standard Time (JST) readers can access it at 3:00 PM. In Philippine Time (PHT), it will be out by 2:00 PM, while Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) readers can read it at 4:00 PM. Lastly, for Indian Standard Time (IST), the release is set for 11:30 AM.

In the previous chapter, we saw an intense fight between Sung Moon and Dowan, with Ma Jae Guk aiding Sung Moon. However, their battle was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Han Eun Seong, who arrived at the location to apprehend the traitors.

During the fight, Dowan was preparing his charge shot, a move that required him to close his eyes, leaving him defenseless. This strategy baffled Sung Moon, who questioned Dowan’s actions. Despite Sung Moon’s inquiries and his own doubts about the effectiveness of his strategy, Dowan continued to charge his shot. He decided to focus solely on defense, abandoning any offensive moves.

However, Sung Moon grew bored and began choking Dowan, disrupting his preparation stage. Dowan assured Sung Moon that such an incident would not happen again, but Sung Moon was left confused and hurt by the attack.

As fans eagerly await the release of Chapter 93, they are left wondering what will happen next in this thrilling saga. Will Sung Moon and Dowan continue their fight? What are Dowan’s true intentions? And how will Han Eun Seong’s arrival affect the course of events? All these questions and more will be answered in the upcoming chapter of Reality Quest.

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