R U Next Episode 6 Release Date, Preview, Time, Where To Watch Ep Eng Sub Online

The highly anticipated Episode 6 of the popular Korean survival program, HYBE R U Next, is set to air soon. The reality series has captivated audiences with its intense competition and thrilling performances. In the previous episode, viewers witnessed the remaining Round 3 stages, which included standout performances by the “Money” team and the “Tie a Cherry” group. Nine participants with the lowest scores advanced based on their team’s performance in this round.

R U Next Episode 6 Release Date, Preview, Time, Where To Watch Ep Eng Sub Online

The upcoming episode promises more excitement as it will feature cameos by several members of the HYBE guys group, including SEVENTEEN Woozi. These special guests will serve as coaches and mentors for the girls, providing them with invaluable guidance and support. Additionally, Heeseung and Jungwon will be there to boost the participants’ morale behind the scenes.

One of the highlights of the last episode was Yunah’s transformation for her soft performance, which left the audience pleasantly surprised. As we move forward, fans are eagerly awaiting the debut of Youngseo, who made a strong impression during the “Money” song with her energetic presence. Minju’s determination and Jiwoo’s leadership skills have also been noted and appreciated by the weekly viewers.

Release Date

Episode 6 of R U Next is scheduled to release on August 04, 2023. The show can be watched at the following times: Korean Standard Time (KST) at 08:50 PM, India Standard Time (IST) at 05:20 PM, Chinese Standard Time (KST) at 07:50 AM, and Pacific Standard Time (CET) at 04:50 AM.

For Korean fans, the episode will be available for streaming on the JTBC television network. International fans can catch the episode with English subtitles on YouTube later. The episode will mark the end of the journey for three more contestants, following the eliminations of Haseul, Iris, and ENA in the last episode. The fourth round, titled “The Specialists,” will also be unveiled in this episode.

As the competition intensifies, fans are bracing themselves for more surprises and stellar performances in the upcoming episode of R U Next.

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