Pokemon Journeys Episode 120 Release Date, Timing, Preview, and Reddit Spoilers

Get all you need to know about when and how to watch the upcoming 120th episode of the classic Japanese adventure series Pokemon Journey.

Anime fans have long adored Pokemon Journeys, one of the most popular series in recent history. Fans of the anime series were on the edge of their seats after episode 119. The 120th episode of this series is eagerly anticipated by fans. This is the ideal place if you are a fan of Pokemon Journey and eagerly awaiting episode 120. All the details and spoilers for the forthcoming episode of this anime can be found right here.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 120 Release Date, Timing, Preview, and Reddit Spoilers

After Koharu’s previous appearance, we learned that she is concerned about her future. In the eyes of the public, she must become a Pokemon scientist like her father. Wanpachi leads her out of the school, where she encounters Eevee for the first time. She was able to elude capture by a Pokemon lab. Eevee develops a strong bond with Koharu as their bond grows.

Spoilers For Episode 120

“Koharu and Eevee, the Opportunities Are Endless” is the title of the forthcoming episode of the anime series. Watch Koharu’s dad take her to camp for the next evolution will be seen in this episode. On her voyage, she is joined by Satoshi and Goru.

This might be the final episode showcasing Koharu and Eevee before moving on to a new narrative or the championship. The struggle is expected to continue, and Satoshi’s ascension to the title of the world’s best Pokemon trainer is eagerly anticipated.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 120 Release Date And Timing

Pokemon Journeys Episode 120 will be released on August 5th, 2022, according to the schedule provided by the game’s developers. On Friday, at 6.00 a.m. Eastern Time, you could watch this episode.

Crunchyroll, Funimation, Tokyo Mx, and Netflix will all have access to Episode 120 when it airs. You could also catch up on the most recent Pokemon episodes on YouTube.

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