Pokemon Journeys Anime Episode 122 Release Date, Timing, and Reddit Spoilers

Find out when, where, and how to watch Episode 122 of the popular Japanese anime series Pokemon Journey, based on the popular game of cards.

Satoshi and the other contestants were evaluated in the series finale of Pokemon Journeys. During the first half of the presentation, we saw the participants at war with their thoughts.

Pokemon Journeys Anime Episode 122 Release Date, Timing, and Reddit Spoilers

The evaluation report, which the four finalists relied on heavily during the matches, also included information about their preferred Pokemon. If you’ve been keeping up with the Pokemon Journeys anime series, then you’re likely looking forward to the next episode 122. Now that we know when to expect this episode, let’s have a look at some spoilers.

Satoshi spent a lot of time learning about the Pokemon he chose in episode 121 of the anime series. Covering from the established background of Pikachu to that of Gangar in the first few seasons. That finishes up all of the pre-competition work. All Pokemon fans can’t wait till the next encounter, which will match Dande against Carne.

Spoilers For Episode 122

In next week’s episode, the Pokemon masters’ tournament will officially begin. Semifinals 1-Sweep is the name of this episode. The first semifinal matchup pits Dande against Carne, as you could have guessed from the title. As Episode 122 of Pokemon: The Journey Continues, we may likely anticipate the beginning of their battle.

In this episode, viewers will get to watch Pokemon using their new moves and compete in the Pokemon master tournament with all their might. When everything is said and done, Episode 122 of Pokemon Journey is going to be a thrilling episode.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 122 Release Date

The release date for Episode 122 of Pokemon Journeys has been set for August 19, 2022, which is good news for fans. On Friday at 3:55 pm Eastern Standard Time, you may catch this Pokemon episode. Episode 122 will include English subtitles when it is streamed on Crunchyroll, BS11, Tokyo MX, GTV, and Netflix.

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