Peacock Pioneers TV Show Streaming on TikTok

American streaming service Peacock is leveraging the popularity of TikTok to increase the visibility of its shows. The company has announced that it will share complete episodes of its shows on the short-form video platform, starting with the initial episode of “Killing It” Season 2.

This innovative strategy was revealed by NBCUniversal, Peacock’s parent company, and marks a first for the streaming service. From today, TikTok users can access and watch the pilot episode of Killing It on Peacock’s official TikTok account. The episode has been segmented into five distinct parts, each ranging from three to eight minutes in length.

This decision comes at a time when the entertainment industry is grappling with the ongoing SAG/WGA strike, which has significantly disrupted the production of numerous TV series and films. Despite these challenges, Peacock is exploring new ways to reach audiences, especially as traditional promotional avenues have been limited due to the current situation.

The move also aligns with a growing trend among TikTok users to share full-length movies and television episodes. By making its content available on TikTok, Peacock hopes to tap into this trend and attract fresh viewership for its shows.

In a similar vein, Peacock has also made the first three episodes of “Killing It” available on YouTube, following in the footsteps of competitor Paramount+. This comes after the release of the second episode of Pete Davidson’s “Bupkis” on YouTube, a month after its initial debut on Peacock’s own platform in May.

This novel approach by Peacock signals a potential shift in the digital entertainment landscape, as streaming services look to leverage popular social media platforms to reach wider audiences and boost their show’s visibility.

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