ONIC Kayes and Celiboy Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit

A video featuring ONIC Kayes, a renowned Instagram influencer with a following of 2.6 million, and Eldin Rahadian Putra, better known as Celiboy, an acclaimed Indonesian gamer, has been making waves across various social media platforms including Twitter and Reddit.

The video quickly gained traction and amassed millions of views. The rapid spread of the video sparked rumors of a romantic relationship between Kayes and Celiboy, causing a flurry of speculation among their fans and followers. However, no official confirmation regarding these rumors has been made by either party.

ONIC Kayes and Celiboy Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit

Upon closer examination, it was revealed that the video was entirely fictional and created for the purpose of clickbait. This revelation was supported by many internet users who also concluded that the video was fabricated. Subsequently, the video has been removed from all relevant websites, further confirming its lack of authenticity.

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Kayes and Celiboy, both prominent figures in the digital world, have a significant fanbase. Their popularity makes them targets for such controversies, often orchestrated to keep them in the news headlines. It is not uncommon for talent agencies to devise strategies that involve creating buzz around their clients, even if it means resorting to false stories.

It’s important to note that while such rumors can be entertaining, they should not be taken seriously. They are often part of publicity stunts aimed at gaining control over the internet and should be treated as such.

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