Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 94 Release Date, Spoilers, Time, Where To Read

The much-anticipated Chapter 94 of the popular romantic and historical manhwa, “Marriage of Convenience,” is set to be released soon. The release date has been confirmed as August 08, 2023. Fans can look forward to reading the new chapter at various times depending on their location: 11:30 AM PT, 9:30 AM MT, 11:30 AM CT, 11:30 AM ET, 4:30 PM GMT, 4:30 PM BST, and 09:30 AM CDT.

In the previous chapter, Cardinal Francis met with the head priest, praising him for his spiritual sermons and his elevation to cardinal. The conversation revealed that Thomas had been dispatched as Archbishop to the Duchy of Arno, a decision that Francis supported due to Thomas’s evident talent.

Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 94 Release Date, Spoilers, Time, Where To Read

A significant point of discussion was the miracle of Saint Bianca. Francis suggested that her husband’s survival, contrary to Bianca’s prophetic vision of his death, could be considered a miracle. However, the priest argued that multiple miracles are required to confirm sainthood.

The upcoming chapter will delve into the war between two countries, which Saintess Bianca had foreseen. The holy land has sided with Zach’s army in this conflict. The unfolding events will determine whether another miracle occurs, validating or refuting the previous miracle’s direction.

Chapter 94 will also reveal more about Zach’s past, specifically the tragic loss of his mother during childbirth. This memory will heighten his concern for Bianca’s health as she prepares for childbirth. Despite his worries, Bianca reassures him, drawing strength from their shared experiences in war. However, the chapter ends on a cliffhanger, with Bianca losing a significant amount of blood after giving birth to Alec and seemingly dying. As a saint, her potential resurrection could be viewed as another miracle.

Fans can read “Marriage of Convenience” Chapter 94 on Tapas and Kakao Webtoon. The raw scan of the chapter will be available by August 05, 2023. Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers as the story continues to unfold.

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