Love Death + Robots Vol. 3 Trailer & Episode Details

The streaming service has also officially disclosed the first episode summary and creative team for each episode. One of the episodes was directed by famed filmmaker David Fincher, his first step into animation.

Love Death + Robots Season 3 Released Date

Tim Miller’s adult animated anthology series Love Death + Robots, the third chapter of which will be released on Netflix on May 20th, has unveiled its official trailer.

Love Death + Robots Vol. 3 Trailer & Episode Details

Three Robots: Exit Strategies

“John Scalzi, the author of the critically renowned science fiction novel Love, Death + Robots, returns with the first-ever sequel to the phenomenon. It’s time for the titular droid trio to return for one final study of human survival techniques in the wake of the apocalypse.

  • Patrick Osborne is the director.
  • John Scalzi is the writer.
  • Blow Studio is the name of the facility studio.

Bad Travelling

Attack on a shark-hunting sailboat by a huge crab only rivaled by its voracious hunger. A mutiny, treachery, and ventriloquism with a corpse…welcome aboard the animation debut of David Fincher,”

  • David Fincher was the director of this film.
  • Neal Asher’s short story was the inspiration for writer Andrew Kevin Walker.
  • The studio is Blur Studio.

The Very Pulse Of The Machine

Moebius-inspired tribute to comic book icon Moebius tells the story of an astronaut who is forced to drag the dead body of her co-pilot while taking possibly mind-altering medicines to deal with the pain of her injuries.

  • Emily Dean is the director.
  • Based on a story by Michael Swanwick and written by Philip Gelatt. It is the studio.
  • Polygon Pictures is the studio.

Night of the Mini Dead

‘Zombie apocalypse begins in a graveyard, with s*xy graveyard s*x, and quickly escalates into an all-out zombie invasion of every major city, from downtown LA to the Vatican. The earth will end while we eat it.”

  • Robert Bisi and Andy Lyon are the two directors.
  • Based on a short tale by Jeff Fowler and Tim Miller by Robert Bisi and Andy Lyon
  • BUCK Studio

Kill Team Kill

It’s a ‘roid-raging adrenaline-fuelled army of US troops that face an opponent unlike any they’ve ever encountered before, the result of a CIA experiment that gets pretty f*cking Grizzly. Directed by the man behind Kung Fu Panda 2.

  • Jennifer Yuh Nelson is the director.
  • Philip Gelatt, from a short story by Justin Coates, is the writer.
  • Titmouse, Inc. is the studio.


In the darkest reaches of the universe, two post-human scientists investigate an insectoid race that appears to have no consciousness. A well-known cyberpunk novelist, Bruce Sterling, has a screenplay that Tim Miller writes and directs for the first time.

  • Tim Miller is the director.
  • Writer: Tim Miller, taken from Bruce Sterling’s short story
  • The studio is Blur Studio.

Mason’s Rats

There is an issue with pest control when the pests start shooting back at you. Grumbling farmer takes extraordinary measures to deal with hyper-evolved rodent infestation in Scotland, resulting in the apocalypse. “Judgement Day,” says the exterminator.

In Vaulted Halls Entombed

“In the mountains of Afghanistan, a team of Special Forces soldiers is tasked with rescuing a captive being held by insurgents. In reality, they’ll have to fight an old and terrible god.”

  • The director is Jerome Chen.
  • Alan Baxter’s short tale was the basis for Philip Gelatt’s script.
  • Sony Pictures Imageworks is the studio.


Imagination and avarice collide in this re-imagining of the ancient folktale of a siren whose music draws men to their death. However, her voodoo fails to work on Jibaro, and she falls enamored with him. So the two predators began a deadly duel.”

  • Alberto Mielgo is the director.
  • Alberto Mielgo was the writer.
  • Pinkman. Tv is the film studio.

Emmy-winning series Heavy Metal, based on the 1981 animated sci-fi film of the same name, has tales ranging from science fiction to comedy to fantasy to horror geared for adults.

Since the late 2000s, Love Death + Robots has been under development. David Fincher (Mindhunter) and Tim Miller (Deadpool) are among the film’s executive producers, Jennifer Miller and Josh Donen.

Love Death + Robots Season 3 Trailer

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