Lizbeth Rodríguez and Celia Lora Viral Telegram Video and Photos

Lizbeth Rodríguez has recently become the talk of the internet. Known for her humorous and prank-filled videos, Rodríguez has amassed a following on social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Instagram. Her Instagram account, @lizbethrodriguezoficial, boasts over 11 million followers, demonstrating her popularity and influence.

Rodríguez is also recognized for her role in the popular YouTube channel Badabun, where she hosts the show Exponiendo Infieles. Her online presence has sparked curiosity among netizens who are eager to know more about her personal life.

Lizbeth Rodríguez and Celia Lora Viral Telegram Video and Photos

Rodríguez’s name has been linked with Celia Lora, another prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

A few days ago, Rodríguez announced that she was in a relationship with Lora, which stirred up a lot of interest among their fans. Rodríguez expressed her enthusiasm about collaborating with Lora, describing it as a very pleasing experience.

However, this announcement was met with a strong denial from Lora, who clarified that she was not in a relationship with Rodríguez. Lora accused Rodríguez of misunderstanding a joke and taking it too far.

While acknowledging her friendly relationship with Rodríguez, Lora emphasized that they had known each other for only four years and she preferred not to be involved in such situations.

Despite Lora’s denial, the story has gained considerable traction on the internet. Rodríguez’s recent Telegram video and photos have gone viral, leading to increased searches about the couple.

The video is being widely shared across social media platforms, further fueling the interest in their relationship.


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