Kulhad Pizza Couple Video And Name Viral On Twitter, YouTube and Reddit

A video of Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur has gone viral on various social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit. The couple hail from Jalandhar, Punjab, and has gained attention for their unique culinary innovation of serving pizza in traditional Indian clay cups, or ‘kulhads’.

The video suggests the couple in a compromising situation generated a considerable amount of buzz online. However, Arora and Kaur have categorically denied the authenticity of the video, asserting that it is a fabricated piece created using artificial intelligence (AI). They have taken to Instagram to address the issue and have urged the online community to refrain from sharing the video further.

Kulhad Pizza Couple Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube and Reddit

Arora revealed in a video message that an extortionist had sent them the video, attempting to coerce them into paying a substantial sum of money. Upon their refusal to comply with the blackmailer’s demands, the individual decided to disseminate the AI-generated clip on the internet. In response to this incident, the couple has filed a complaint with the Jalandhar Police Station.

The “Kulhad Pizza couple” rose to prominence due to their innovative approach to the classic Italian dish. Their unique concept quickly garnered attention on the internet, attracting a number of social media users to their food stall and propelling them to online stardom.

Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video

The video has elicited many responses from netizens. While some individuals have expressed empathy for the couple, others have engaged in online mockery. Amidst this controversy, Arora and Kaur are seeking public support, maintaining that the video is the result of an extortion attempt and is entirely fake.

The couple’s unique culinary concept and their recent controversy have made them a topic of widespread discussion on social media. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact their online reputation and their innovative food business.

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