Kengan Omega Chapter 224 Release Date, Spoilers, Time, Where To Read Online

Fans of the popular manga series, Kengan Omega, are eagerly awaiting the release of Chapter 224. The release date has been confirmed for August 23, 2023, with various global timings provided to cater to readers worldwide.

Kengan Omega Chapter 224 Release Date, Spoilers, Time, Where To Read Online

In the previous chapter, readers witnessed an intense battle between Tokita and Kiozan Takeru. Despite his defeat, Kiozan did not back down, maintaining his honor. The fight was marked by Tokita’s use of a headbutt to maintain his grip, while Kiozan countered with a powerful yank. Despite his efforts, Kiozan eventually passed out, falling to the ground with Tokita beneath him.

Chapter 224 promises to continue this thrilling narrative. In an attempt to defuse Kiozan’s wrath, Tokita deployed the demon’s bane technique, a move from the Nikko school. This technique surprised everyone, including Kiozan, whose anger rendered him numb to the pain inflicted by the demon’s curse. The chapter ended with Tokita attempting a naked choke, leaving readers in suspense about Kiozan’s fate.

Release Date & Time

The release timings for Kengan Omega Chapter 224 are as follows: Pacific Standard Time and Canada Time at 7:00 am on August 23, Indian Standard Time at 4:30 pm, and Philippines Standard Time, Singapore Standard Time, and Japanese Standard Time at 7:00 pm, 7:00 pm, and 8:00 pm respectively.

For those eager to read the upcoming chapter, it will be translated into English and published on Comikey. The raw text for Kengan Omega Chapter 224 can be found on Ura Sunday.

As the release date approaches, fans are excited to see how the story unfolds, particularly the outcome of the intense battle between Tokita and Kiozan.

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