Karan Sangwan Spreading Political Rhetoric Causing Controversy Video Viral On Twitter

A video featuring Karan Sangwan, an educator from the online learning platform Unacademy, has sparked controversy and gone viral on Twitter. The video has stirred up a debate among social media users due to its political undertones.

Sangwan can be heard advising his students to vote for politicians who are literate and well-educated. His comments have been interpreted by many as a veiled reference to the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and Arvind Kejriwal, the leader of the Aam Admi Party.

Karan Sangwan Spreading Political Rhetoric Causing Controversy Video Viral On Twitter

The video surfaced at a time when national elections are on the horizon, with 2024 being a significant year. Sangwan emphasized the importance of the primary agenda of politicians, particularly those related to the ratification of names.

The Unacademy educator also expressed his concern over a new bill proposed by the BJP-led union government, which aims to replace the Indian Evidence Act, the CrPC, and the IPC. These acts were originally established by the British. Sangwan lamented that the notes he had prepared on criminal law were now outdated due to these changes.

In the video, an emotional Sangwan said, “I’m torn between laughter and tears, considering the numerous bare acts, caseloads, and notes I’ve accumulated over time. This is a collective effort, and it affects all of us. Remember, you too have a role in this.” He further urged his students to make wise choices when voting, emphasizing the need for educated individuals who can comprehend complex issues.

The video has generated a buzz on social media, with many users eagerly awaiting Unacademy’s official response to the controversy. As of now, the online learning platform has not issued any statement regarding the matter.

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