Kamalika Chanda Web Series Watch Online – October 2023

Kamalika Chanda is a renowned Indian actress and model, known for her work in web series and films. She began her career in Bengali cinema, but her fame skyrocketed with her role in the movie “Miss Teacher (2016)”. Today, she is a prominent figure in the world of web series, working with popular OTT platforms like Ullu, Kooku, and Rabbit.

Kamalika Chanda Web Series Watch Online

Kamalika Chanda is a celebrated actress and model from India, who has made a name for herself in the web series industry. She initially started her career in Bengali cinema, with her most notable role being in the film “Miss Teacher (2016)”.

In recent times, Kamalika has been predominantly seen in various web series. She has collaborated with well-known OTT platforms such as Ullu, Kooku, and Rabbit, among others. Below is a compilation of some of Kamalika Chanda’s most acclaimed web series.

Mastram Web Series MX Player

One of Kamalika’s notable web series is “Mastram”, available on the MX Player App. In this series, she appeared in the first episode as a minister’s secretary. The story revolves around a writer named Rajaram, also known as Mastram.

“Mastram” is a well-known streaming series on the MX Player platform. The story revolves around the character Rajaram, who is widely recognized by his pen name, Mastram. He is renowned for his captivating and sensual tales.


In this series, actress Kamalika Chanda made her appearance in the inaugural episode. She portrayed the role of a secretary to a minister. Her character was primarily featured in the first episode of the series.

Pathshala Rabbit Web Series

Another popular web series featuring Kamalika is “Pathshala”, which is available on the Rabbit app. This series tells the story of a biology teacher who runs tuition classes from her home, attracting all the village children.


Pathshala is a renowned web series available on the Rabbit application. The story revolves around a biology tutor who conducts classes at her residence, attracting students from all over the village. To uncover the unfolding drama and academic adventures, tune into the Pathshala web series.

Miss Teacher (Movie)

“Miss Teacher” is a film where Kamalika played the role of Rose Dey, a new teacher at a university. Rose is a beautiful woman with intense desires, leading to an affair with a student named Tanvesh. The film explores this relationship.


“Miss Teacher” unfolds the story of an academic institution that welcomes a new faculty member, Rose Dey. Rose is a charming individual who quickly becomes a beloved figure on campus. However, she grapples with her own personal desires which become an issue. To discover how the story unfolds, one must delve into the world of “Miss Teacher”.

My Darling Web Series

In the web series “My Darling”, Kamalika portrays a housewife who, feeling neglected by her husband, embarks on an affair with a younger man.


“My Darling” narrates the story of a woman, bound by the confines of an unfulfilling marriage. Yearning for affection and understanding that her husband fails to provide, she finds herself drawn into a relationship with a young man. This liaison promises the emotional satisfaction she craves. The unfolding narrative of the web series “My Darling” explores the consequences of her choices.

Sautele 2022 (Primeplay)

In the web series “Sautele”, Kamalika plays a part in a complex family drama. The story revolves around an older man who falls in love with a younger woman after his wife’s death. After their marriage, tensions arise between their respective children.


This story revolves around an elderly gentleman who has been a widower for quite some time. He develops feelings for a woman and they eventually fall in love. Following their marriage, it is revealed that the man has a son from his previous relationship, and the woman has a daughter. To discover how this family navigates their complex dynamics, tune into the Sautele web series exclusively on the Primeplay app.

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