Influencer Tasha K Embroiled in Online Controversy After Viral Video

Popular YouTuber and influencer, Tasha K, has found herself at the center of an online controversy following a video that went viral. The video shows Tasha K involved in a physical altercation during a party hosted by the same podcast over the weekend.

According to Tasha K, the incident was sparked by a man who she claims treated her disrespectfully, leading to a heated argument. The video shows a woman approaching a man who appears to be restrained on the ground. Despite attempts by others to intervene, the woman is seen engaging the man in a physical confrontation.

The video shows the woman wearing green heels with gold accents, repeatedly kicking the man. A video shows the man standing up and seemingly attempting to distance himself from the situation.

In a separate video released by the No Jumper podcast, a man with bandages on his head claims to be the individual involved in the altercation with Tasha K. He alleges that his comments towards the influencer were the catalyst for the incident. According to him, he complimented Tasha K on her appearance, a remark which did not sit well with her or the group of men surrounding them.

However, the identity of the man in the video and the veracity of his claims have yet to be confirmed.

In response to the incident, Tasha K stated, “I don’t do no YouTube beef, I don’t do none of that stuff,” adding that she considers herself a professional and expects to be treated with respect.


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