Hybe R U Next Episode 7 Release Date, Where To Watch Ep Eng Subtitle Online

The much-anticipated Episode 7 of the popular Korean survival program HYBE R U Next is set to air soon. The show has been garnering a lot of attention and excitement from fans worldwide, who are eagerly waiting for the next episode.

Hybe R U Next Episode 7 Release Date, Where To Watch Ep Eng Subtitle Online

In the previous episode, viewers were treated to a performance of Taeyeon’s “Spark” by the Vocal B unit, which includes Yewon, Minju, Chanelle, and Seoyeon. Each vocalist showcased their unique talent, leaving fans eager for more. The episode also saw the elimination of Moa, Ruka, and Yewon, who ended in 16th, 17th, and 18th place respectively. The remaining 15 competitors will now embark on the “Colour Mission”, a round designed to evaluate the trainees’ familiarity with stage ideas.

Release Date

Episode 7 of HYBE R U Next is scheduled to be released on August 12, 2023. The timings for the release are as follows: Korean Standard Time (KST) at 08:50 PM, India Standard Time (IST) at 05:20 PM, Chinese Standard Time (CST) at 07:50 AM, and Pacific Standard Time (PST) at 04:50 AM.

For those wondering where to catch the upcoming episode, Korean fans can tune into the JTBC television network to watch it live. International fans, on the other hand, can enjoy the episode on YouTube, where it will be available with English subtitles later.

The last episode also featured performances from the Vocal A unit and Dance A unit, who sang “Across The Universe” and performed to After School’s “Bang!” respectively. These performances, along with the judges’ ratings and global voting results, led to significant changes in the ranks of the 18 participants.

As the anticipation builds for Episode 7, fans are looking forward to seeing how the remaining contestants fare in the “Colour Mission”. Stay tuned for more updates on HYBE R U Next.

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