Heartbeat Episode 15 And 16 Release Date, Preview, Time, Where To Watch Eng Sub Online

The much-anticipated episodes 15 and 16 of the popular South Korean television series, “Heartbeat,” are set to air soon. The release date for episode 15 is August 14, 2023, while episode 16 will follow on August 15, 2023.

Heartbeat Episode 15 And 16 Release Date, Preview, Time, Where To Watch Eng Sub Online

In the previous episodes, viewers witnessed a series of emotional events. Dong-il revealed his past ordeal of being kidnapped by Man-hwi, leaving In-hae overwhelmed with sorrow. Meanwhile, Do-sik was forced to ponder over Man-hwi’s intentions and was taken aback by Hae-won’s indifference towards the guest home. As the plot thickens, In-hae proposes to advance the date of “Blood Day” as a token of appreciation, but Woo-hyeol declines.

In the upcoming episodes, In-hae, unaware of the looming danger to his life, accepts the delay in securing her safety. Tensions rise when In-hae receives a court directive to pay Hae-won, causing Woo-hyeol to worry and attempt to persuade Hae-won to relinquish the property. Amidst these developments, Sang-hae questions Dong-il about the gold in the basement, adding another layer of intrigue to the storyline.

Release Date

Episodes 15 and 16 promise more drama and suspense. Fans can tune in at the following times: Korean Standard Time (KST) at 09:45 PM, India Standard Time (IST) at 02:30 PM, Eastern Standard Time (EST) at 10:00 PM, and Central European Time (CET) at 03:00 PM.

For local viewers in Korea, the episodes will be broadcasted on the KBS2 TV network channel. International fans can catch the latest episodes with English subtitles on Amazon Prime Video. Despite escalating tensions, In-hae decides against selling the property and patiently awaits Woo-hyeol’s return. As the fateful day of his death approaches, Woo-hyeol realizes In-hae’s peril and rushes to her aid, setting the stage for an intense showdown.

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t miss out on the gripping episodes of “Heartbeat.”

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