Grand Blue Chapter 78 Story, Manga Reddit Spoilers, Release Date, And Timing

Chisa’s destiny will finally be revealed in Grand Blue Chapter 78, which has been anxiously anticipated by fans.

They’ll have to wait a bit longer, it seems.

First published in 2014, Grand Blue is a popular Japanese manga series. Kimitake Yoshioka and Kenji Inoue both write and draw the popular manga series.

Currently, Kodansha USA has digitally released the English translation of Grand Blue, which is published by Kodansha Comics. The comic is hugely famous, and an anime series based on it, titled “Zero-g,” was produced in 2018.

Grand Blue Chapter 78 Story, Manga Reddit Spoilers, Release Date And Time

The manga has so far issued 77 episodes in 18 volumes, and fans are impatiently awaiting the next chapter’s arrival.

GrandBlue’s upcoming chapter (due out on the 5th of August, JP time) is teased by the author.

Grand Blue Chapter 78 Reddit

Grand Blue Chapter 78 Story

It is the story of a college student who spends a year in the coastal town of Izu with his friends, enjoying fun on the beach.

“Iori Kitahara looks forward to his new life in the Izu Peninsula as he prepares to start his college life there, staying in a room above his uncle’s diving store, ‘Grand Blue.'”

After meeting the local Diving Club, a bunch of athletic men who spend more time partying and stripping nude than they do practicing their sport, he is surprised.” Despite his best efforts to keep a distance from the gang, Iori finds himself swiftly drawn into their antics as his cousins seek to teach him the delights of the ocean and sea diving.”

What Happened in Grand Blue Chapter 77?

After discovering that Chisa and Iori were divorcing, Sakurako took the choice to pursue him in the previous chapter. She walked into the diving shop to find Iori and make an approach. However, he didn’t seem very interested in what she had to say when she finally got his attention. Since he was too busy operating the store to go on a date with Sakurako, he turned her down.

Initially, Sakurako didn’t like it, and she urged him to join her, but after a series of denials, she decided to work with him. Sakurako invited him out on a date after they helped manage the business together.

Aina came up to him soon after and informed him of the plans they had for the future. Sakurako was infuriated by it. Concerning Iori, they got into a fight. Sakurako and Aina played a game of rock, paper, and scissors later in the evening. Aina was allowed to go with Iori, and she struck a pact with him that she would take him out to dinner the following week.

Grand Blue Chapter 78 Release Date and Timing

On Friday, August 5th, 2022, at 12.00 AM JST, the next chapter will be released. It will be accessible on Kodansha’s official website. Lori’s reaction to the girls’ dispute and Chisa’s fate will be detailed in the upcoming episode.

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